Volgograd Holocaust Picquet Draws Local Support

This Friday, ahead of the International Holocaust Remembrance day, over a dozen activists from the Volgograd Jewish Community organized a standing demonstration at one of the city center intersections.

The event, called “Citizen Solidarity”, brought together Jewish teenagers and Holocaust survivors, carrying posters listing Jewish mass murder sites in the Soviet Union during WorldWar II. Listed among them, were six villages in the Volgograd region, where thousands of Jewish women and children perished.

“We don’t have the right to forget. The goal of this picquet was to commemorate our fallen brethren – men and women, children, youth and the elderly, who were brutally murdered by millions not too far from here,” said Mrs. Yael Yoffe, Volgograd community coordinator and one of the picquet organizers.

The passerby reacted by stopping to stand with the activists, reading the posters, while car drivers honked horns in joining the commemoration. 

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