Winter Relief and End of Tax Year Campaign Launched by the FJC

“It’s simple. In order to save more of our brethren across the FSU from the cold, we must locate additional funds” says Daniel Gordon, FJC’s Resource Development and PR Coordinator, when speaking about the lifesaving programs in place to help needy Jewish children, families and elderly people get through the harsh winter in the former Soviet Union. “There are so many more people in need of our help, how can we stand by and watch our most destitute brethren suffer? We can’t and won’t”.

The FJC – Federation of Jewish Communities of the CIS – is launching a Winter Relief and End of the Tax Year campaign to help the most destitute Jews get through the harsh winter of the former Soviet Union.

Nutritious food parcels, warm clothing and outerwear as well as heaters and blankets are to be delivered to Jewish families living in the farthest reaches of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and other FSU countries.

These families dread winter, for with it comes the terrible danger of exposure to the elements, freezing cold weather and starvation.

With the help of the FJC and their generous supporters, these families will get through the harshest months of the season in comfort and dignity.

The FJC introduces these families, many of whom live in remote areas, to their local Jewish community, giving them the opportunity, many for the first time in their lives, to connect with their roots and to have a community who supports and cares for them.

“We ask one and all to take heart, to put smiles on their faces and to turn the dreaded winter season into a happy time for our brethren in the FSU,” concludes Daniel Gordon in a heartfelt call-to-action.

Click here to join – They need our help.

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