YAHAD Yeshivacation Trip: a “Transformation”

Earlier this month a group of 40 young men from Russia and the FSU went on a learning trip to Israel organized by FJC’S YAHAD young adults programming platform.
The trip, called Yeshivacation, combined a deeply serious learning part with an active excursions program to provide the group with a unique experience in exploring the land of Israel from both a spiritual and experiential perspective.

The group went from Jerusalem and Hebron to Tel Aviv, Yafo, and the Upper Galilee, exploring archeological, cultural and natural gems that Israel has to offer. Among the sites visited were the Cave of the Patriarchs, the Old City and its excavation works, old Yafo streets, the sea of Galilee and the surrounding nature reserves and agricultural farms and the ancient city of Tzfat. Everywhere they went, the site-seeing was accompanied by corresponding lectures, workshops and Jewish tradition learning, so that the group returned transformed, gaining new deeper understanding of their Jewish identity and heritage.



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