Chanukah Miracle Celebrated Widely Across the FSU

Hundreds of Jewish communities across the FSU are preparing for Chanukah celebrations that will start this week Tuesday, with events and programs fitted for every age and taste.

In Moscow, the festivities will kick-off with candle lighting Tuesday night at the capital’s Revolution square, followed by fireworks and customary doughnut-eating. Similar ceremonies will take place in all FJC communities, where candle-lit menorahs will appear in central city squares throughout the entire eight days of the holiday.

Musical concerts and shows, circus performances, quests and games for youth and of course, plenty of hearty Chanukah treats, is what awaits the public following candle-lighting. “Chanukah comes at the darkest and coldest time of the year, especially in our region, and we want to make sure every Jew gets a bit of light and warmth from the Chanukah festivities,” said Daniel Gordon, FJC outreach activities coordinator.

Siberian communities of Tomsk, Khabarovsk, and Omsk will host an Israeli Russian-speaking comedian for a stand-up show to bring in plenty of laughter. FJC’s EnerJew youth movement has something planned in every one of its 40 branches across eight countries. In Samara, central-Russia, for example, the club will host a “Star Wars” themed Chanukah party poised to get everyone in the holiday mood. EuroStars young adults program is running a social networks contest for best Chanukah pictures in addition to local celebrations. And of course, all the Or Avner Jewish schools and kindergartens will hold Chanukah parties, celebrating the great miracle in Jewish history and telling its story to the young generations of FSU Jewry.


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