Darkeinu Goes to Kindergarten

‘Darkeinu’ – FJC’s unique educational curriculum for teaching Jewish tradition to FSU schoolchildren is preparing to launch its first kindergarten program in September. The program will provide a fun and creative way for preschoolers to learn about Jewish heritage and further develop their skills and abilities. Over 80 Jewish kindergartens in the FSU will integrate Darkeinu in the upcoming school year.

The program is developed in the Russian language by trained professional and is designed for studying Jewish tradition – holidays, customs and history. The learning materials include a colorful workbook on Torah and tradition, accompanied by two dolls, Dina and Danya, who help make the learning process more creative and interactive. There are also teaching manuals for the staff and parents that guide them to the most effective use of the curriculum.

“Kindergarten is the beginning of a child’s independent life, a place, where he learns and develops. We are happy that Darkeinu will enhance this educational process, making the children’s experiences more complete and helping each child uncover their potential, while getting valuable knowledge about their heritage,” said Irina Dashevsky, the program’s director.

The new program will be integrated in over 80 ‘Or Avner’ Jewish kindergartens throughout the former Soviet Union in the upcoming school year. Darkeinu is a project of the FJC’s Or Avner educational network and the Leviev Foundation.

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