EnerJew Runs Region-Wide Leadership Training

100 Jewish teenagers took part in EnerJew youth movement’s leadership training program last month in Minsk, Belarus learning to become top-notch informal education stars of the FSU region.

Called “The School of Madrichim” the program runs a two-year series of multiple four-day seminars that in the end produce young Jewish leaders capable of heading camp groups, community programs, and other youth activities. Over the course of the program, the trainees have the opportunity to apply their newly gained skills in EnerJew projects and summer camps as counselors.  

“What makes the ‘School of Madrichim’ so unique is that here we teach not only leadership techniques but also Jewish heritage content, without which no Jewish youth leadership is complete. This program is my favorite EnerJew initiative – our trainees are full of energy and enthusiasm, they earn for and seek new knowledge and are a pleasure to work with,” said Shimon Linev,  EnerJew Young Rabbi educator and one of the program’s mentors.

Four days of the seminar pass in a blink of an eye, say the participants who came to Minsk from all over the FSU. “The program was saturated with activity to the rim, while the atmosphere during the seminar was especially warm and friendly. I think the newly acquired skills will help me in not only socially but in future career advancement as well and can’t wait to try them out,” said one of the participants, Gabriela from Odessa. 

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