EnerJew Youth Movement Tzedaka Challenge Goes Viral

Aimed at endowing the Jewish values of giving charity and contributing to society in FSU’s future generation, FJC’s Jewish youth movement, EnerJew, has launched a special Tzedaka Challenge for its thousands of teenage members.

Registration is now open for dozens of EnerJew clubs across the FSU to join, together with their members, the new attractive challenge and together pick a specific charitable project they relate to and desire to strengthen. Each club first attends a special session teaching and explaining the unique attributes of giving Tzedaka and donating according to Judaism, and then proceeds to choose their preferred project.

The Ukrainian club in Odessa, for example, has chosen to adopt a newborn Jewish baby who was just enrolled into the city’s Mishpacha orphanage and children’s home. Other branches chose varied humanitarian projects, developing their synagogue’s infrastructure, and other social and cultural projects.

Next, each participant receives a beautiful design Charity Box to take home and an agreed-upon-all sum to be fundraised is set. Each Sunday, the teenagers gather the accumulated funds and check out together how much is still missing. In addition to the daily charity given at home, many clubs are also initiating interesting and creative ways and events to promote their chosen charity.

Concerts, garage sales, auctions, and social games, are only examples of the ideas the teenagers are implementing in their communities in order to reach the goal. The challenge will continue up to May 2022 and is promoted by social media posts, posters, and other explanatory materials.

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