EUROTRIP 5781: Excelling Students Treated to a Once in a Lifetime Trip to GEORGIA

Ninety extraordinary Jewish students from across Ukraine, members of the STARS Intensive learning program, enjoyed an unforgettable 7-day trip, combined with an inspiring seminar, to Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, and its surrounding region.

The students from different cities across Ukraine participated in intensive Torah and Jewish learning 8 hours each week during the last year. STARS Intensive is one of the leading flagship programs operated by STARS Ukraine, in which the participating students invest 8 weekly hours in intensive Torah and Jewish study. The prestigious program is limited to 120 carefully selected students who show persistence in their studies.

“This program is a real lifechanger,” Says Rabbi Pinchas Wishedsky, the director of STARS Ukraine. “It turns these students, who arrived at STARS without any previous involvement with Judaism, into committed Jews that become an integral part of the Jewish nation, establish Jewish families, and serve as living examples in their hometowns after they arrive back from the trip.”

After a year of study, the exceptional students are privileged to participate in a unique summer experience consisting of a trip to a different European capital each year. This time Tbilisi was chosen to host the trip, which combined field trips, amusement, performances, local cuisine, and much more, with lectures, classes, social activities and inspirational gatherings.

The trip was accompanied by Rabbi Pinchas and Mrs. Dina Wishedsky from Kiev, Rabbi Moshe and Miriam Moskowitz from Kharkov, the popular lecturers and scholars Rabbi Dov Ber Bidman, and Rabbi Moshe Rochlin, an energetic team of counselors and STARS Ukraine’s dedicated staff members: Rabbi Zalmen Bakeriov, Rabbi Zalmen Tramovsky and R’ Peretz Katviski.

STARS Ukraine has been successfully operating across the country since 2006 and is currently active in 19 cities and towns. Nearly 1,000 Jewish students from across the land participate each year in its programs. These students consider STARS Ukraine’s programming to be an essential part of their lives.

In addition to the Intensive program, STARS also offers additional popular courses such as STARS Regular which provides a weekly 2-hour learning program developed by the JLI International Institute. The program is completely adapted to the language and mentality of the FSU’s Jewish students.

Additional programs include STARS Net for students in small villages and remote locations via ZOOM, Shabbatons, seminars for students and for newly-wed couples, holiday and Passover seminars, a school for young Jewish leaders and much more.

STARS Ukraine is a branch of the YAHAD youth organization operating across the FSU under the guidance of and encouragement of Rabbi Berel Lazar, the Chief Rabbi of Russia, and operates hand-in-hand with the Director of the Global STARS Headquarters, Rabbi Avraham Cassel.

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