FSU Jewry Prepares for an Unprecedented Chanukah

Hundreds of Jewish communities, institutions, projects and initiatives across the former Soviet Union – operating under the umbrella of the Federation of Jewish Communities of the CIS – are in the midst of final preparations for the upcoming festival of lights and miracles, Chanukah. FSU Jewry is expected, despite Covid-19 limitations, to experience a flurry of activity never seen before.

Festive events in honor of Chanukah, led by community rabbis, leaders and activists, are planned to take place in every JCC and synagogue across the land for the various audiences comprising the community. These include public menorah lightings, parties, concerts, lectures, happenings, menorah car parades, and many other creative events, each aimed at either the entire community or different parts of it, such as the elderly, children, families, teenagers, students, women and more.

In addition, FJC’s ‘Or Avner’ educational institutions plan special events in the kindergartens, schools, high schools, and higher education institutions along with experiential classes and workshops that will explore the festival’s inner meaning. In parallel, FJC informal projects, Sunday and afternoon schools, will also hold special parties and activities for thousands of students and their families.

EnerJew and YAHAD youth clubs, active among Jewish teenagers and young professionals, will also hold special parties and activities geared to their target audiences in hundreds of clubs across more than ten FSU countries.

Additional activity will take place online in a line of special initiatives and prize awarding contests calling upon Jewish children and families to upload photos of their candle lightings and attend quiz and quests.

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