“From ideas to results” – EnerJew coordinators convene in Azerbaijan

EnerJew, the FJC’s leading project for Jewish teenagers, opens 2016 with its powerful annual coordinators seminar, taking place this week in Baku, Azerbaijan. The four-day seminar, attended by over 50 coordinators from 25 cities that participate in the project, consists of  a wide range of professional workshops, lectures, classes, brain storming sessions and much more.

The coordinators from 5 different countries in the FSU, including Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Georgia and Azerbaijan, are responsible for the activity and development of their EnerJew branch and impact hundreds of teenagers in their local Jewish communities on an ongoing basis.

This year’s theme focuses on how to develop an idea and turn it into reality. With the help of EJ’s professional mentors and young rabbis, each team of coordinators is personally instructed on the entire process from A to Z.

EnerJew is developed by the Federation of Jewish Communities of the CIS (FJC) with the support of Finger and Leviev Foundation, the Jewish Agency for Israel, the LA Pincus Fund and additional donors.

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