Moscow, Russia: Holocaust Remembrance Day

Vestnik Kavkaza

The annual ceremony of lighting candles and the interactive discovery center “War and the Holocaust: Reflections on the Past and the Future” took place at the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center. This year, three Jewish organizations in Russia – the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia (FJC), the Russian Jewish Congress (RJC) and the Federal Jewish National Cultural Autonomy (FJNCA) decided to join forces to organize and hold this memorial ceremony together with the ‘Yad Vashem’ memorial complex of the Holocaust and Heroism of the Jewish People.

A large memorial evening organized by the Government of Moscow and the Russian Jewish Congress and the Holocaust Center took place at the Moscow Helikon-Opera theater. 500 people gathered there, including public figures and statesmen, diplomats, artists, war veterans and former prisoners of camps and ghettos, teachers, pupils and students. 

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