Jewish Children Return to Upgraded Schools Across FSU

As the new academic year kicks off, dozens of improved, modernized Jewish schools throughout the former Soviet Union welcome students after many months of online learning. Thanks to the donors, FJC successfully carried out a major renovation project, transforming infrastructure, refurbishing facilities and equipping Jewish schools and kindergartens with cutting-edge technological tools.

Larisa Bobakova, the head of the ‘Or Avner’ Chabad Lubavitch Jewish school in Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine, couldn’t hold back her excitement about the makeover results: “Everyone’s first reaction was ‘Wow!’ I believe that everything done for the school this year will not only increase the interest and enrolment, but will also become the beginning of the highest quality educational process.”

Students are being introduced to the equipment at the new natural science classroom.

‘Or Avner’ Zaporizhzhia school, specializing in Hebrew and English studies, is especially proud of its brand new combined lab for experiments and practical classes in natural sciences. While the teachers and students are getting used to the new technologies and equipment, the managers are making big plans for the facilities. 

Larisa Bobakova, director of ‘Or Avner’ Zaporizhzhia school: 

“On August 30, two days before reopening, we gave a tour around the school, showing parents and their children the renovated classrooms, labs and resources available to students. On the next day, a few more people applied for admission, seeing the reaction of their friends. I think this alone speaks volumes. I’d like to say big, big thanks to our sponsors and everyone who supported this project.”

The school and the local Department of Education are now discussing the practicalities of hosting regional conferences and other educational events in the specialized classrooms. Zaporizhzhia Institute of Economics and Information Technology has decided to embark on additional preparatory courses in economics, finances and biology for the school students, expanding their prospects and improving chances for better higher education.

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Classroom before and after the renovation.

Under the FJC’s initiative, many Jewish schools in the former Soviet Union states have been refurbished and provided with new computer classes, labs, SmartBoards, 3D printers and other equipment. Integrated with unique curriculums, these upgrades will give way to previously unimaginable opportunities for every Jewish child to learn and grow.

Photos provided by the ‘Or Avner’ Chabad Lubavitch Jewish school in Zaporizhzhia.

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