Jewish Kharkiv Celebrates MEGA Challah Bake

Hundreds of local female community members and guests participated last week in a rare MEGA Challah Bake event dedicated to peace and security in both Ukraine and Israel. The event, held at the city’s Grand Choral Synagogue, included prayers for the release of hostages from Gaza.

Rebbetzin Miriam Moskovitz, co-director of the Jewish community and Chabad of Kharkiv and the initiator and organizer of the event, led the special and inspiring occasion, guiding each participant step by step through the procedure of creating and baking Challah.

As the dough was rising, Rabbi Moshe Moskovitz spoke about the power of Jewish women being at the forefront of bringing redemption to the world. After giving coins to charity and taking Challah, as is customary, a special moment was dedicated to a heartfelt prayer.

Each woman received the name of one of the hostages in Gaza to pray for, and everyone took a few moments to pray for their families and for better times in Kharkiv and for true peace in Israel and Ukraine.

As the Challahs were baked, the women enjoyed a full program dedicated to the 22nd of Shvat – the Yahrzeit of Rebbetzin Chaya Mushka OBM.

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