Jewish Mogilev: Historic Construction Under Way

Construction of a new community educational center is underway in historic Mogilev, Belarus, the first Jewish public space construction in the city since before the revolution. 

The center will host the city’s Jewish kindergarten, school, informal education classes, dining room, kitchen, and a large multi-purpose hall. Up until now these services were scattered all over town, which was a bustling center of Jewish community life up until WW2.

“Mogilev was such an important Jewish town before the war, we feel the construction of the new center is paying tribute to its past as well as building towards the future:  a modern and spacious center will help give our community members a feeling of dignity and pride in their roots and heritage,” said the rabbi of the Jewish community of Mogilev, Rabbi Mendel Alperovitz.

Construction began approximately a month ago and is scheduled to be completed by September 2020. It is being sponsored by the FJC and additional donors.

The community calls upon additional donors to join by clicking here.

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