Kharkov’s Synagogue celebrates 100th anniversary

More than 1500 people attended a concert in Ukraine to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Kharkov Choral synagogue, one of the largest in Europe.

Chief Rabbi of Kharkov Moishe Moskovitz recalled how it wasn’t too long ago when basketball and football games were held in the large structure when Communists converted the 1913 built Synagogue into a sports complex, until returned to the Kharkov Jewish community in 1990.

The Syangogue was damaged in a fire in 1997 and was in dire condition, and then in 2003, renovations were completed thanks to a grant from the Rohr Foundation.

“We are witnessing a clear miracle where such a crowd can be proud to celebrate publicly our Jewish pride,” said Rabbi Moskovitz. His words were echoed by Alexander Kaganovsky, President of the synagogue.

The Turetsky Choir, a musical group under the direction of Mikhail Turetsky, gave a spirited performance, singing some known Jewish and Yiddish classics.

Alexander Feldman, philanthropist and member of the Ukrainian Parliament, sponsored the concert and was thanked for his constant support to the community.[nggallery id=157]

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