New Jewish Museum inaugurated in Moscow

The new Jewish Museum inaugurated today in Moscow, was honored by the presence of the President of Israel Mr. Shimon Peres and additional dignitaries.  Millions of dollars have been invested in the museum, promising to be the first of its kind.

In warm words, the President of Russia, Mr. Vladimir Putin illustrated in a meeting with Russia’s Chief Rabbi Lazar prior to the opening, how the new museum is another step in fighting Antisemitism in Russia.

During the Inauguration honored by presence of FJC’s Presidemt, Mr. Lev Leviev, Israel’s President Peres thanked the Russians on behalf of the Jewish nation, for their great efforts in defeating the Nazis and saving Jews from the concentration camps.

The Foreign minister of Russia, Mr. Sergei Lebrov, also attending spoke about how we must respect those which lost their lives and commemorate them and how the museum is a great example of dialog and agreement between nations.   

Additional speeches were given by those heading the museum, the president of the FJC in Russia, Mr. Alexander Borodo and by the Chairman of the museum Mr. Baruch Gurin.

The new Jewish museum in Moscow, the capital city of Russia, is 9,000 square meters large, and has been developed during the last 8 years. Millions of dollars were invested in its building and design, in order to create a unique museum, the first of its kind worldwide.

The museum’s exhibits made use of the most modern, state of the art, technologies available, so that the museum will also serve as a modern learning center.

The exhibits will illustrate Jewish history from the creation of the world, the giving of the Torah, the Temples in Jerusalem, and the hardships during the different exiles up to the holocaust and communist regime. 

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