Matzah for the Jews of the FSU – Passover Campaign for the World’s Poorest Jewish Population

Hundreds of individuals from across the globe have already joined the Federation of Jewish Communities (FJC) Passover 2020 Campaign aiming to provide thousands of the FSU’s poorest Jews with Kosher for Passover food parcels including matzah, wine or grape juice, festive food and basic products.

In a detailed email sent out by the Federation they explain: 

We begin every Passover ‘Seder’ night by inviting others to join us in celebrating the festive meal. Countless families across the world invite family, guests and needy individuals to observe the rituals and to help fill the table with song, telling the story of the Exodus from Egypt. However, this year many of us are concerned, fearing to risk our family’s safety.  

Across Ukraine and the former Soviet Union, the poorest Jewish population in the world, thousands of Jewish families cannot afford to celebrate the seder; with matzah, wine or grape juice, festive food or even basic products. The outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic has only made life a lot worse for them. Their situation is far worse than ours. They are terrified that their children, suffering from malnutrition, may not be strong enough to cope with the fatal virus. They, our brethren, are at extremely high risk of infection. 

The Federation of Jewish Communities wishes to be your partner in symbolically inviting the FSU’s neediest Jewish families to your Seder table. You can save them without endangering your family. 

As an example, the email relates the story of Masha:

The life of six-year-old Masha from Kherson, Ukraine is on the verge of disaster. She lives together with her mentally unstable mother in an extremely dilapidated house that has no heating, not even during the harsh winter. Her home is located in the dangerous suburbs of the city, surrounded by crime and with no lights in the streets. Her single mother cannot provide her with even the most basic necessities. She doesn’t receive nutritious food, heating, clothing or even boots. Candy is out of the question. She is neglected, hungry and cold.

The generous food packages supplied by FJC make a significant difference to their lives, bringing them hope and a sense of belonging. A festive meal to celebrate Passover is way beyond their budget. 

The letter concludes with a call to action, asking world Jewry to partner with the FJC in assisting the Jews of the FSU:

You can symbolically invite Masha and thousands of children and families like her to join your seder table by making a generous contribution to our special Passover Campaign. 

They need our help – please donate with love!

To join the campaign and make a donation, please click here =>  

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