Moscow: Inauguration of Second Hand Furniture and Clothing Center for Large Families and the Needy

In preparation for the upcoming festival of Passover, a new center of the “Yad leYad” organization in Moscow opened its doors in a small yet impressive inauguration ceremony. The center includes a spacious “supermarket” with furniture, and thousands of second hand items of clothing and shoes for the benefit of large families and the needy. Every item sold was either donated by individuals, or was surplus received  from various stores and clothing factories. This project, the first, and only one of its kind in Russia, was started and run by the devoted Mrs. Perry Deitch.

The mezuzah at the main entrance was affixed by the Chief Rabbi of Russia, Berel Lazar, who personally supports and encourages the promotion of Chesed organizations in Russia in general, and in Moscow in particular under the umbrella of  the “Shaarey Tzedek Jewish Charity Center”. An additional mezuzah was affixed by Rabbi Mordechai Weisberg, Executive Director of the Marina Roscha Jewish Community Center.

After an extensive tour of the clothing supermarket, and its onsite cleaning and alterations workshop, Rabbi Lazar expressed how impressed he is by the beauty and spaciousness of it all. He noted that the new center will allow those who unfortunately do not have the means to purchase furniture and clothing at regular stores, to shop with dignity and without feeling “needy”.

Special gifts were presented to the distinguished supporters, thanks to which the special center for the  needy was established. President of the Federation of Jewish Communities in Russia, Rabbi Alexander Boroda, and Mr. Nathan Lichtenfeld, each received a unique, set of the four cups of redemption and the cup of Eliyahun HaNavi.

A special exhibition of spectacular photos graced the entrance to the center. The pictures depict Jewish children in Israel performing various Mitzvot connected with the Jewish calendar.

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