My-Mikvah Launches Stunning New Informative Website in Russian

Aimed at making the usage of a Mikvah easily accessible to every Russian-speaking Jewish woman across the former Soviet Union, a brand new website has recently been launched by the voluntary My-Mikvah organization.

The new website contains not only detailed information on the exact locations, operating times, contact people, and available facilities of every mikvah across the FSU – but also a wide range of articles, testimonials, video clips, personal stories, tools, personal calendars, and services, to make the experience meaningful and understandable to every person.

A wide range of articles deals with much more than practical issues. They include relationships, pregnancy and birth, parenting, the Jewish women, and the secret behind the mikvah. Video clips explore the inner meaning behind the laws of family purity, making their observance clear and relevant.

A detailed list of rabbis and consultants is presented on the site, enabling every woman and couple to seek advice and instructions on every topic related to family purity, use of the mikvah, even relationships, and maintaining peace and harmony at home.

In the near future, the site will also include landing pages for each mikvah and the organization will develop a special App aimed at the younger generation. My-Mikvah is also active on social media and plans to publicize books on a range of topics.

My-Mikvah, established with the blessing and guidance of Rabbi Berel and Mrs. Chani Lazar,  is headed by Mrs. Rivky Wilansky and operates in collaboration with hundreds of Jewish communities and institutions in the FSU that are under the umbrella of the Federation of Jewish Communities of the CIS. The My-Mikvah organization is run voluntarily and has turned throughout the years, to the spearhead of activity in this realm.

To visit the new site and take part in its development, click here.

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