Winter Break Turns into an Opportunity for Dozens of Jewish Students

Sixty-six female Jewish students from 29 cities across the FSU decided to take advantage of their winter break to become deeply acquainted with their Jewish heritage, by joining the annual Yeshivacation seminar for young Jewish adults that took place in Moscow.

The intriguing week-long seminar, packed with fascinating content, experiences, and opportunities to explore a wide range of relevant topics, was led by three of FSU’s most popular and stimulating lecturers: Rabbi Moshe Rochlin, Rabbi Dovber Baitman, and Rabbi Eli Kogan.

The topics discussed included destiny and man’s choice, how to make your dreams come true, a kaleidoscope of Jewish knowledge, marriage without marriage, happiness and sorrow, do I really know you, why love, the written and oral Torah, conflicts and disputes, and the ten tribes. These topics and dozens of others occupied and fascinated the participants during the entire week.

“I think that the opportunity this seminar offers the participants,” says Rabbi Moshe Rochlin, director of Yeshivacation “is rare and unique. To be able to obtain profound knowledge and Jewish perspective on so many topics in just one week is amazing. The girls return home understanding that this is only the tip of the iceberg, and with a strong aspiration to continue learning and deepening their connection to Judaism. Many of them feel that the seminar is a decisive momentum in their advance to Judaism.”

In addition to classes and lectures, the participants also enjoyed workshops, evening programs, musical entertainment, a special Shabbaton, tours and museums, attractions, social games, and the opportunity to create new connections and friendships with students in their age group from across the former Soviet Union.

Yeshivacation is a joint venture – taking place twice a year, during winter and summer breaks – of the Jewish University, Chamesh Campus in Moscow and the FJC’s YAHAD youth organization, headed by Rabbi Mendy Wilansky under the leadership of Rabbi Berel Lazar, the Chief Rabbi of Russia.

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