President Putin Sends Passover Greetings

Two weeks after Mr. Putin was re-elected for his fourth term as Russia’s President, he sent his annual holiday greetings to the offices of Rabbi Lazar for all of Russia’s Jews. He writes:


The Kremlin, Moscow
To: The Jews of Russia

I send you all my heartfelt greetings for the Passover holiday.

It is an ancient holiday which Jews celebrate respectfully all over the world. It is reminiscent of a fateful turning point in the history of the Jewish people – redemption from the burden of slavery, and the acquisition of freedom and dignity.

Passover is all about important values in Judaism, spiritual and moral values of justice and good deeds.

It is gratifying to see that Russian Jews are so respectful of their forefathers’ traditions, values, and commandments and that they are educating the younger generation to be loyal to these values of trust and mutual understanding, all those values of which our nation is rightly proud of.

The activities of the Jewish community for the benefit of the public, and its significant contributions to various peoples and religions in our country, as well as important projects in the fields of culture and education, as well as charity, are blessed.

I wish you all success and well-being.

Vladimir Putin


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