Ukraine’s Top Officials Greet the Jewish Community for Passover

Ukraine’s top government officials congratulated the country’s Jewish communities with the holiday of Passover last week.
The President of Ukraine, Mr. Petro Poroshenko extended his greetings to the Jewish community of Ukraine on his official website. 

“For centuries, this holiday symbolizes joy, freedom and liberation from slavery, reminds us that only a free man can be happy. In … our country we uphold human dignity and freedom, fight for the ideals of truth and justice,” Poroshenko’s letter, posted on March 30th said. It also noted that the activities of the Jewish community contribute to the unity of all citizens of Ukraine, “and our unity is the guarantee of peace and prosperity of the Ukrainian state.”

Another official, Ukraine’s Prime Minister Vladimir Groysman sent a Passover greetings letter to the Rabbi of FJC’s community in Vinnitza, Ukraine, Rabbi Shaul Horwitz, in which he extended heartwarming wishes to the Jewish community in honor of the holiday.


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