Tbilisi Community Prepares for Jewish Tourism Boost: New website to serve Jewish visitors to Georgia

Planning a trip to Georgia? Need Jewish information or Kosher catering? The Jewish community of Tbilisi has just launched a new website exactly for that. Everything from Shabbat meals, kosher food, prayer services and Jewish sites to hotels and travel tips – at the touch of a finger.

The new website Chabadtbilisi.ge presents updated information for Jewish travelers, tourists, and local community members, in three languages: Hebrew, English, and Georgian.

Georgia, a former Soviet Union country located at the intersection of Eastern Europe and Western Asia, has turned into a popular tourist attraction for Jews from across the globe, including Israel and the United States. Many of them seek to enrich their visit with touches of Judaism, heritage, and traditions.

The new site, operated by  Chabad and the Jewish community in Georgia, contains detailed information about every aspect of Jewish life across the country and its most popular sites. This includes kosher dining on weekdays, Shabbat, and holidays; dairy and meat restaurants; hotels near the synagogues; information and travel tips as well as a short description of many additional projects conducted by the community.

Chabad Georgia is led by Rabbi Meir and Tzippy Kozlovsky, who arrived in the capital city of Tbilisi in 2005. Since their arrival, they have promoted all aspects of Jewish life in the community through educational projects designed for all ages. They also work tirelessly to assist the thousands of Jewish tourists visiting Georgia every year and hope for a surge of visitors after the regular commercial air travel to the country resumed.

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