The Joy of Passover to the World’s Most Impoverished Jewish Community

Many thousands of Jews living in the FSU cannot relish their freedom from the Soviet Regime, for they suffer from unimaginable poverty and deprivation.

The holiday of Passover is a time when Jews throughout the world celebrate the freedom from ancient Egypt. For those living in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and the rest of the FSU and have experienced the harsh grip of the Soviet Regime, freedom is a very tangible feeling.

Milana, a nine-year-old girl with Cerebral Palsy who is almost completely blind and wheelchair-bound, loves Passover. She relishes the basic joys in life that most people are too busy to enjoy.

Her dedicated mother, Svetlana, takes her out for walks every day, allowing Milana to enjoy the beauty of the world around her using her fine-tuned senses of smell and hearing.

Her poverty-stricken parents rarely complain about the challenging lot that life has thrown at them. They have become more connected to their roots since Milana was born, finding solace and support within the Jewish community of Ulyanovsk, Russia.

“Milana loves the Jewish holidays and traditions,” shared her mother, “she sings and claps along to all of the tunes. The community has welcomed her with open arms, overlooking her disability and getting to know her as an individual.”

The Pavlova family is one of the countless families throughout the FSU who will be feeling some relief this Passover. They will be receiving a food package and will be invited to join the community Passover Seder, which is a time when Jews throughout the generations have welcomed their less fortunate brethren to join them for the traditional feast celebrating freedom.

“We have made it our duty to provide as many families as possible with food parcels which include Matzah and wine so that they can celebrate Passover with freedom and joy,” stated Daniel Gordon, the FJC’s resource development coordinator.

Many of these families will also join communal Passover Seders. “It is a large task that we have set for ourselves and we can use as much help as we can in accomplishing this important mission.”

The FSU’s needy Jewish families need your help this Passover. Join generations of Jews who have welcomed the poor and needy on Passover by helping your fellow Jews in the FSU celebrate Passover with joy and dignity.

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Milana, a nine-year-old girl with Cerebral Palsy who is almost completely blind and wheelchair-bound

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