Ukraine: ‘Yizkor’ Recited at Memorial Events Commemorating 80 Years Since Mass Murders

Dozens of remembrance events and ceremonies are taking place these days across Ukraine, in cities, villages, and mass-grave sites, in memory of the Holocaust victims murdered by the Nazis 80 years ago after invading Ukraine.

Hundreds are attending the ceremonies, including members of the Jewish communities, school and university students, government officials, and regional rabbis. Prayers such as ‘Yizkor’ and ‘Kel Malei Rachamim’ along with chapters from the book of psalms and ‘Kadish’ are being recited in honor of the perished victims brutally murdered because of their Jewish religion.

In the past few days, between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, such events took place in Novopoltavka, Kherson, Babi Yar, Zhytomyr, Lypovets, Dnipro, and dozens of other locations. On each occasion, speeches and words of wisdom were spoken by rabbis and educators, focusing on the importance of never forgetting what happened, fighting antisemitism, and continuing to lead proud Jewish lives across the globe.

Rabbi Shalom Gottlieb, the Chief Rabbi of Nikolayev, who attended the event in Novopoltavka explained, “This was a Jewish village, established by Jews, that was based on agriculture and very successful. During the Holocaust, at least 380 Jews were brutally murdered there. A member of our community, whose family originated from the village, built the monument and makes sure to hold the memorial event every year – especially this year, 80 years after the terrible event. In our region alone, there are 19 such mass graves, and we hope to visit each one of them during the upcoming year. It is of great importance to the community members and essential for the education of the next generation.”

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