Unique Tefillin Shaped Building Dedicated in Moscow Suburb

An impressive and uplifting ceremony marked the opening and dedication of the long-awaited Jewish Community Center in Moscow’s suburb Mitischi, a unique five-story building designed in the form of a Tefillin.

At the request of the community’s President and major donor, Mr. Boruch Benzion Gurovitch, the five-story building was designed in the form of a Tefillin.

The beautiful results outdid themselves: an elegant complex, beautifully designed on the inside, with both physical and spiritual beauty. Its various wings include the necessities for the community’s families: a mikva, a kosher grocery store, classrooms for all ages, an extensive Jewish museum, the community offices, and most importantly, a large and bright synagogue sanctuary alongside a Torah library in both Hebrew and Russian.

The inauguration celebration lasted several hours and was divided into various segments honoring the esteemed guests who were happy to hear about the building’s completion and came to see the wonder that was built with so much effort and investment.

Amongst them were the main sponsor, community president Mr. Gurovitch, and along with Rabbi Yochanan Kosenko who is in charge of all the spiritual activities, Torah classes, and keeping in touch with the Jewish families of the community.

The event was graced by the presence of Russia’s Chief Rabbi Berel Lazar, who from the very beginning, when the building was just a dream, stood with the community. From the groundbreaking ceremony and throughout all stages of construction and development, he personally visited the place, his great joy now evident, especially when dancing with the new Torah scroll in which he had written the last letters. The great joy was contagious and tangible as the guests all sang and danced with the beautiful Torah scroll in the magnificent new synagogue.

It was a very emotional moment when Mr. Boruch Gurovitch was called up to receive a personal gift of appreciation from the Chief Rabbi – an original letter that was written by the Lubavitcher Rebbe, on this very date, the 11th of Nissan, some 50 years ago, to a Jew named Boruch, with many wonderful blessings. The letter, along with its full translation into Russian, were elegantly framed.

The mezuzas on the various wings of the building were affixed by various esteemed guests, amongst them the president of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia, Rabbi Alexander Boroda, who, in addition to his help, also hosted the Governor of the region who came to honor the event with his presence, along with his staff of deputies and senior assistants.

Also honored with affixing mezuzas, were the Rabbi of the Bolshaya Bronnaya synagogue Rabbi Yitzchak HaKohen Kogan, who is also a personal friend of Mr. Gurovitch, the Chabad emissary from Be’er Sheva Rabbi Yerachmiel Gorelik, the Rabbi of Kazan Yitzchak Gorelik, and other Rabbis from the region.

Photography: Levi Nazarov


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