Unity: Thousands Celebrate Lag BaOmer across the FSU

Hundreds of special Lag BaOmer parades, parties, and family happenings that took place this last Wednesday and Thursday across the entire former Soviet Union, were attended by tens of thousands of community members and guests. The events focused on Jewish pride and unity and sincere prayers for peace and serenity.

The colorful and vibrant events, organized across the former Soviet Union by the FJC communities, are traditionally celebrated across the entire Jewish world. They mark the special impact that Jewish mysticism and Kabbalah have on Jewish life.

Lag BaOmer events are customarily celebrated outdoors around bonfires, with music, good food, and the sharing of thoughts from the Torah and Kabbalah. Across the FSU, they were attended this year in over ten countries by tens of thousands of Jews of all age groups and walks of life.

Accompanied by Jewish music, glowing bonfires, and energetic celebrations, the streets of hundreds of cities in locations as far away as Azerbaijan, Estonia, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Latvia, Kazakhstan, and even Ukraine, despite the current crisis, were packed with children, adults, and families.

In Ukraine, special events took place wherever possible, under strict precautions, bringing the festival’s delight to thousands.

The events included special parties for teenagers, students, and young adults, and family happenings for the entire community.

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