West Ukraine: New Shelter Will Enable Ongoing Educational Activity

Towards the upcoming academic year, FJC’s ‘Or Avner’ Jewish school in the heart of Zhytomyr, has constructed a large and comfortable new shelter, easily accessible to the institution’s hundreds of students and staff in times of crisis.

As a result of the prevailing situation in Ukraine, the local government and educational ministry now require all educational institutions to have a functioning shelter within their compound. The shelters allow the institutions to receive a permit that will enable the beginning of the new academic year and ongoing study throughout the year.

Hence, FJC’s ‘Or Avner’ Jewish school serving the thousands of Jews remaining in Zhytomyr and West Ukraine, has invested funds and efforts to construct a shelter that will be spacious, calming, and fully equipped for times of emergency.

“We feel obligated and privileged,” says the Chief Rabbi of Zhytomyr and West Ukraine, Rabbi Shlomo Wilhelm, “to stand by the Jews of our community wherever they are, whether they stayed in Ukraine, immigrated to Israel, or are stuck in Europe as refugees. We must continue making sure they have a lending hand and can continue to develop and thrive despite the terrible crisis. Our efforts to create a new shelter reflect our commitment that every Jewish child will be able to receive excellent Jewish and general education under every circumstance.”

In parallel, additional shelters are currently being planned, built, and renovated in all FJC Jewish educational institutions across Ukraine.

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