Yizkor at the Western Wall Open to All: FJC Yom Kippur Service

This year, as in the last few years, the Federation of Jewish Communities  (FJC) is getting ready to represent diaspora Jews at the Western Wall in Jerusalem on the holiest of days in Jewish tradition – on the Day of Atonement, Yom Kippur. 

An FJC Rabbi will say the Yizkor service on Yom Kippur during prayers at the Western Wall and mention all the names sent in by their loved ones for commemoration.

“The names are sent to us from all over the world – from the US and Canada, from England and Germany and, of course, from the FSU. That just shows us that as Jews we are united much more than we even realize. On Yom Kippur all our thoughts are here, in Jerusalem, as we commemorate the loved ones who passed away at Yizkor service,” said Mr. Daniel Gordon, FJC  coordinator. 

Yizkor is a memorial prayer that is included in the High holiday services for the commemoration of closest family members. Names for commemoration on Yom Kippur can be sent to FJC by clicking here

It is customary to also make a donation in honor of the commemoration and to fulfill the commandment of giving charity in these days.
>> Click here now to have Yizkor recited for your loved ones OBM <<

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