‘No (Special) Jew Will Be Left Behind”; Jewish Rostov Replicates its Success

After realizing the great impact of its first-ever Jewish summer camp for Jewish children with special needs and their parents, and the hesitation of some families with children suffering from severe special needs to participate, the Jewish community of Rostov decided to launch an additional camp, replicating its previous success and granting an experiential summer experience to an additional group. This time they focused on children with harsh disabilities and special needs. Some 45 children and their parents participated.

The new summer camp initiative for children with special needs was established earlier this summer by the Rostov community’s ‘World Without Borders’ project, headed by Rabbi Chaim and Mrs. Kaila Danzinger, aiming to serve the unique needs of Jewish children with special needs.

Following the great success and impact that the first camp, that took place in July, had on the families, and after learning that certain families with children with more complex and severe needs were reluctant to participate because of the camp’s location near the Don River, an additional camp was organized for them during August with different programming and a more secure venue.

The seven-day camp focused on providing the families with much needed therapeutic, psychological and medical treatments. In addition, the camp also included an inspiring Shabbaton, splendid kosher cuisine, performances, sports, arts & crafts, workshops, robotics, computer and social games, and a loving and supporting staff completely dedicated to the families and children.

“After learning that some parents were reluctant to participate in the first camp, we felt that we must do something. Parents of children with special needs have an extremely hard time, way beyond regular parents,” says Rabbi Chaim Danzinger, Chief Rabbi of Rostov-on-Don. “They work around the clock without the slightest possibility of resting – every day, seven days a week. It is incredibly difficult for them to leave home with their children, let alone go on vacation with them. If this is true for parents with regular special needs, just imagine what parents to children with severe needs go through.”

“With G-d’s help, this year we will be launching a new array of programs geared to families with kids with special needs, so that they can receive the relief and help they deserve and need,” Rabbi Danzinger concludes.

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