Omsk “Or Avner” Director Awarded Education Prize

The director of FJC’s “Or Avner” Jewish school in Omsk, Russia was recently named one of the region’s “outstanding education professionals” by the region’s administration. The title was awarded to director Irina Shapkina by the Omsk governor in an official ceremony last week.

Irina Shapkina has been working in the region’s educational system for 45 years, the last ten of which she has been the non-replaceable director of “Or Avner” Omsk, which celebrates its anniversary this year.

“First of all this award represents our beloved director’s personal achievements in the field of education. At the same time, I think the award also represents the regional government’s recognition of the importance of our unique Jewish school’s presence and activity in the region,” said Osher Krichevsky, Omsk’s chief rabbi, that was also present at the awards ceremony.

Director of Darkeinu Jewish educational curriculum project, Irina Dashevsky also congratulated the winner and said she fully deserved the honor. “Or Avner” Omsk is one of the top schools in the Darkeinu system, and its director is one of the most qualified professionals in the field, she said.

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