YAHAD Leadership School Ensures FSU Future Jewry

At the end of December, a select group of Jewish future leaders participated in YAHAD’s four-day unique Leadership School seminar aimed at ensuring a thriving and vibrant future for Jewry across the former Soviet Union.

The Seminar, which took place in Moscow, was attended by over 30 future leaders from Russia, Belarus, Azerbaijan, and additional FSU countries. It took place in the framework of YAHAD’s two-year training program, which consists of comprehensive study and hands-on experience in informal Jewish education, conducting events, creating content, operating workshops, community building, marketing, and much more. The program also provides the professional tools required for successful leadership and personal growth.

The participants, aged 18-28, will serve in the future as leading figures in their communities alongside the Rabbi and his wife and will be in charge of operating clubs and activities for students and young professionals.

“Our young leaders,” says YAHAD’s director, Rabbi Mendi Wilansky, “learn how to confront the unique reality of post-Soviet Jewry and make Judaism accessible and welcoming to its future generations. We invest tirelessly in these students and young professionals, knowing how important their success is to the future of each and every Jewish youngster in the former Soviet Union.”

YAHAD operates under the umbrella of the Federation of Jewish Communities of the CIS and the guidance of Rabbi Berel Lazar, the Chief Rabbi of Russia.

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