Moldova: President Sandu Praises Rabbi’s Devotion to Refugees’ Needs

Commemorating 119 years since the horrific pogroms that broke out in Chisinau at the beginning of the last century, Ms. Maia Sandu, the President of the Republic of Moldova, met Rabbi Zushe Abelsky, head of the country’s Jewish community, and praised his relentless efforts to assist tens of thousands of Ukrainian refugees fleeing through the country’s borders.

During their meeting, President Sandu mentioned that one of her greatest priorities is to build a united and harmonious society in Moldova, in which each person feels safe and knows that their civil and individual rights are respected.

The Head of State thanked the Jewish community for its support in managing the flow of refugees from Ukraine and providing them with humanitarian aid in cooperation with the State of Israel and the Jewish community in the Republic of Moldova.

In response, Rabbi Zushe Abelsky praised the heartwarming and generous involvement of the Moldovan government and citizens in helping the refugees, and prayed for peace and tranquility to return speedily to the region.

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