Odessa Orphanage Hosts World-famous singer‏

 After a concert in Odessa, Ukraine, world-famous Jewish musician Avraham Fried visited FJC’s Children’s home in the city for a day of powerful impact and connection.

As the children gathered at breakfast, they were surprised and delighted to have the famous guest join them for the meal. The breakfast continued with two birthday celebrations. One birthday boy, Avraham, was separated from his mother when he was merely seven days old, and Yaakov started living at the orphanage at the age of two, after a tragic murder of his parents.

The children proudly escorted their guest on a grand tour of their home, culminating in an impromptu jam with their all-time favorite songs. Heading outdoors, Avraham Fried demonstrated his athletic capabilities in a spirited game of ball with the children.

“I’ve been performing for almost three decades and have visited many emotional places, but I must say this visit moved me and gave me strength to go on in a way different from any others,” said Fried after the visit.

FJC’s Odessa orphanage was established 17 years ago and is currently home to 70 Jewish children from all kinds of backgrounds in Southern Ukraine.

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