First Kosher Restaurant Launched in Chernovtsy‏

The first kosher restaurant in the city of Chernovtsy, Ukraine, opened its doors earlier this week, finally providing a place for those who keep kosher in the community to socialize and relax in a comfortable setting, all while having a tasty forshmak or other traditional and healthy treats.

Chernovtsy is a town in west Ukraine saturated with Jewish history. Its Jewish community at the turn of the 20th century was a very active one, the town bustling with Jewish commerce, schools and synagogues. Although today the FJC Jewish community is not overly big – about 1,200 people – the spirit of Chernovtsy’s vitality has returned through the many clubs, educational institutions and programs active in town. And so it’s no wonder the opening of the first kosher restaurant is a much-anticipated welcome addition to the scope of the city’s Jewish life.

“The restaurant opening underlines that we value our cultural heritage, of which food is a valuable material part,” said Aharon Maiberg, the head of the region’s Jewish board of trustees, at the opening. “Chernovtsy is growing, and we are happy this opening is increasing the overall Jewish atmosphere in town,” added the city’s rabbi, rabbi Glitzenstein.

The new restaurant, named Kosher Organic, will serve traditional Jewish food with focus on healthy and nutritious meals.


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