Ukraine’s President Zelensky Addresses US Jewish Leadership

Ukraine’s President Zelensky to Jewish Leaders: “To those who ask about anti-semitism in Ukraine – just look at me!”

In a first meeting with the US Jewish leadership today in a NY hotel, Volodymyr Zelensky, President of Ukraine expressed his gratitude for their efforts and support for the benefit of Ukraine.

Organized and hosted by the Federation of Jewish Communities of Ukraine, President Zelensky met with leaders of all the American Jewish Organizations.

Rabbi Shmuel Kaminezki, Chief Rabbi of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Ukraine, opened this unique gathering by thanking the President for his steadfast support of the 174 Jewish Communities in Ukraine.

In his remarks, Rabbi Kaminezki recalled that this first encounter occurs of the 25th of Elul, marking day of the creation of the world: “This day signifies the birth of new beginnings and hope for our country Ukraine, under your dynamic leadership. You represent it with excellence”.

Speaking off notes President Zelensky praised Rabbi Kaminezki tireless dedication for the flourishing of Jewish life in Ukraine for the past 29 years. He continued to speak of Ukraine as nation of stability and security for the Jewish Community: “To those who ask about anti-Semitism in Ukraine – just look at me!”

President Zelensky assured the Jewish leadership of his commitment for commemorating the remembrance of the victims of the Holocaust by building the Babyn Yar Memorial. He called on them to continue their support to his country, and invited American and Israeli businessmen to come and invest in Ukraine.

All the speakers reiterated their supports to the new Ukrainian government for their reforms, and recalled the deep bond and historical ties of Ukraine with the Jewish People.

Philanthropists present at the meeting also conveyed a message of hope for the continued reforms to the stability for the FDI climate in the country.

At the conclusion of the meeting Raphael Rutman, Executive Vice-Chairman of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Ukraine sounded the Shofar in honour of the upcoming Rosh Hashana holiday and an exclusive leather bound Machzor for Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur with Russian translation was presented to the President by Mayer Stambler, Chairman of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Ukraine.


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