Israeli Knesset: Ukraine Rescue Organizations Hold an Emergency Meeting at the Diaspora Ministry

Representatives of JRNU –  FJC and Chabad’s rescue and humanitarian efforts center in Ukraine – led by Rabbi Shlomo Peles,  participated this Monday in a special meeting in the Diaspora Ministry, headed by Mr. Amichai Chikli, with the participation of Israeli ministers, senior government members, Knesset members, ambassadors, and activists along with representatives of the […]

Women of Oryol Celebrate Shabbat Forum

More than 30 women from the Jewish communities of Oryol, Mtsensk, and Kursk recently attended a special conference dedicated to the study and importance of Shabbat in Jewish tradition and faith. Special lectures were delivered by Rabbi Alexander and Mrs. Chani Grishin, and community members focused on the significance of Shabbat candles, kiddush, the prayers, […]

Moscow Jewish University Hosts 11th Student Scientific Conference

On March 14, Moscow’s Jewish University hosted the eleventh annual inter-university scientific conference. During the conference, participants from educational institutions from across Russia presented their work both in person and remotely via the internet.  Traditionally, the conference’s opening ceremony began with greetings from the Rector of the Moscow Jewish University – Mr. Alexander Larionovich Lebedev, […]

Record breaker: 1,000 Personal Mishlochei Manot Delivered via Ukrainian Post

Since many of the roads are now in a poor state, Rabbi Nachum Tamarin, FJC’s rabbi to the small and remote villages and towns in Western and Central Ukraine, sent 1,000 Purim food parcels to Jewish families and individuals through the local mail In honor of Purim and despite the ongoing crisis, Rabbi Nachum Tamarin, Chabad’s […]

Kharkov Brings the Circus to the Synagogue

This year, with the crisis raging in Ukraine, the Kharkov community could not attend their usual Purim celebration at the local Circus. So Shluchim Rabbi Moshe and Miriam Moskovitz brought the Circus to them! This year Purim in the synagogue in Kharkov, the largest in Ukraine, was packed with young and old celebrating as if […]

Ukraine Synagogues ‘Will Be Packed’ for Purim

With the crisis grinding on, Ukraine’s Jews look to their faith for joy Based on an article by Mendel Super | Ukraine’s Jewish communities are expected to turn out in record numbers for joyous Purim celebrations this year as they look to their faith for joy and comfort amid the day-to-day stresses of the […]

Renowned Photographer’s Portrait of the Rebbe to Aid Ukraine Jews

Mark Seliger donates artwork based on an article by Kayla Rosen | In the mid-1980s, before his celebrity portraits graced the covers of “Rolling Stone” magazine and his photography represented the biggest brand names in fashion, Mark Seliger was just a photography apprentice crashing in his yeshivah bochur brother Yoel’s basement apartment in the Crown Heights neighborhood of […]

81 Years After ‘Juden Frei,’ Estonia Now Home to CTeen’s 700th Chapter

Against the odds, the Jewish community in Estonia perseveres, with the establishment of the 700th chapter of Chabad’s Teen Network providing hope and inspiration for the next generation. Estonia, a small country in northeastern Europe, has become home to the 700th Chapter of CTeen, Chabad’s Teen Network, marking a significant milestone in the growth of […]

Siberia: Long Weekend Shabbaton-Seminar Unites Jewish Teens

Over fifty Jewish teenagers from across the remote region gathered in the Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk for an uplifting and enriching long-weekend seminar and Shabbaton organized by FJC’s Jewish Youth movement, EnerJew. Unity. Jewish pride and identity, were the focus of the events. For Jewish teenagers, scattered across the different cities of Siberia in relatively […]

The Jews of Ukraine Mark One Year of Crisis and Resolve

How Chabad’s form of Jewish Geography saves lives Based on an article by Dovid Margolin | On a Saturday afternoon 11 months into the crisis, Jan. 14, 2023, a 36-year-old Jewish woman named Olga Usova and her friend Irina Solomatenko, 38, were walking along a wide boulevard not far from the center of Dnipro, […]