Despite the ongoing crisis, members of the Ukrainian government joined leaders of Ukraine’s Jewish community to commemorate the 81st anniversary of the Babi Yar massacre – where Nazis killed over 30,000 Jews. Members of the Ukrainian government together with foreign diplomats serving in Kyiv, gathered today in the main annual event to mark the 81st […]


Shortly before an emotional and historic Rosh Hashana in Kharkiv, Ukraine, the city’s mayor presented an award to the city’s chief Rabbi Moshe Moskovitz for “his many years of religious service.” Seven months of ongoing crisis have taken their toll on the city which is the second largest in Ukraine and only 40km from the […]

Thousands Expected in Ukraine Synagogues For Rosh Hashanah

Rabbis and volunteers are distributing 30,000 holidays packages With sirens blaring almost constantly and missiles hitting the center of Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine, Rabbi Nachum Ehrentrau can hear rockets detonating just several hundred meters from his synagogue. The rabbi and his wife, Dina, have directed Chabad-Lubavitch and the Jewish community of Zaporizhzhia (also spelled Zaporozhye) for the […]

President Ilham Aliyev congratulates Azerbaijan’s Jewish community on Rosh Hashanah holiday

BAKU, Azerbaijan, September 22. Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev has congratulated the Jewish community of Azerbaijan on Rosh Hashanah holiday, Trend reports. “Dear fellow compatriots! I sincerely congratulate you, the Jewish community of Azerbaijan, on the occasion of your New Year holiday, Rosh Hashanah, and convey my heartfelt wishes to all of you. The Jewish community of Azerbaijan, a […]

Russia and Ukraine Students Unite for Smicha Celebration

40 rabbinical students of the ‘Lemaan Yilmedu’ institution from Russia, Ukraine, and additional countries, who finished learning their studies, gathered in person and via Zoom for a festive event to receive their ordination certificates from Chief Rabbis Berel Lazar of Russia and Eliyahu Yochanan Gurary of Holon. They will serve the Jewish communities in the […]

In Odessa, Abandoned Toddler Is Reunited With His 4-Year-Old Brother

Little Daniel and Anton were left on the streets before Chabad took them in Two-year-old Anton was found one day in July wandering the streets of Odessa, Ukraine. His mother had disappeared months earlier, and his father had been out of the picture for a long time. Anton’s neighbors and aunt had taken the boy […]

Eighteen Yeshiva Students Volunteer to Go to Ukraine

Despite the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, 18 Chabad Yeshiva students volunteered to spend the month of Tishrei assisting local rabbis and Jewish communities with prayer services, educational programs, and food distribution. They first met with Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky for guidance. In the shadow of the ongoing situation in Ukraine, 18 Chabad Yeshiva students will fly […]

Rabbis of Ukraine Surprise the Minister of the Diaspora While Touring Kfar Chabad

A tour of the Etrog orchard, listening to the sound of the shofar, visiting a beehive, and donning tefillin, were the focus of the visit to Kfar Chabad in Central Israel of Mr. Nachman Shai, Israeli’s Diaspora Minister. The minister was surprised to learn that among the hosts were three of Ukraine’s leading rabbis who […]

Siberia: Old Windows Turn into an Exhibit of Modern Jewish Art

A new initiative of painting the windows of old wooden houses aimed for preservation across the Siberian city of Tomsk, has led to a unique modern Jewish art exhibition uniting the local Jewish community in creating the exhibits. The old wooden house at 72 Rosa Luxemburg St. that was chosen for the painting project, has […]

JRNU Partners with RestoringVision to Bring 50,000 Pairs of Glasses to the People of Ukraine

The Jewish Relief Network Ukraine (JRNU), FJC’s humanitarian arm in Ukraine,  is proud to announce a new partnership with RestoringVision, a leading global optical nonprofit that “empowers lives by restoring vision for millions of people in need.” The organization is donating 50,000 pairs of eyeglasses to the people of Ukraine. JRNU’s network of more than […]